Mission Partners

Scott Bradridge

Exeter International English Outreach Worker.
Scott is serving through work with Hong Kongers, refugees and people seeking asylum in Exeter. 

George Sewall

George is ministering to students in Athens, Greece.

Janet Webb

Janet works for Trinity Church in the township of Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s largest deprived communities.

Hannah Brown

Hannah is serving as the Children’s Pastor at Christchurch Kenilworth in Cape Town, overseeing their growing children’s ministry. 

Steve and Anna Griffiths

Steve and Anna are serving with OMF in Brazil.

Andrew and Helen Curry, with Thomas & Esther

Andrew and Helen are serving in Dakar, Senegal with SIM. Andrew teaches English and Helen runs a diabetic clinic.

Peter and Libby Halestrap, Finn, Gabe & Flo

Pete and Libby serve in Kijabe Hospital, a large mission hospital in the Rift Valley.  You can follow their blog at https://halestrap.wordpress.com.

Rachael Muluuta

Rachael works in young people’s and young adult’s discipleship training with Word of Life Uganda and Living Word Uganda. 

Helen Morrissey

Helen Morrissey works as Centre Team Leader for Friends International, Exeter. Friends International is a Christian charity working to grow friendship and faith with international students in the UK and Ireland. Each year Exeter sees more than 5,000 international students arrive to study at our university coming from countries all around the world and from many different faith backgrounds. Helen works with local churches and the university Evangelical Christian Union to communicate the good news of Jesus to international students in both word and deed and in whole life cross-cultural discipleship.

Roger and Jos Sharland, with Becca

Roger and Jos lead the work of Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor in Kenya.

Mission Prayer Partners

Chris and Alison Hawksbee

Chris and Alison have recently ‘retired’ from their work in Paraguay with CMS, with the indigenous people of the Chaco in rural development, although they are still involved in encouraging pastors and churches in the Chaco region.

Ed and Sally Surrey

Ed and Sally Surrey and their family are in Perth, Australia with Cruwest where Ed is director. Cruwest aims to reach the 100,000 high schools in Western Australia with the good news of Jesus. Partnering with local churches, they are trying to establish a Bible ministry in every school, and run camps in the holidays. Do pray as they work alongside teachers, parents, pastors and leaders to grow the gospel!

Ed and Sally Surrey


Alex is working in the Arabian Peninsula.

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