Andrew and Helen Curry, with Thomas & Esther

  • Dakar, Senegal

Andrew and Helen are serving in Dakar, Senegal with SIM. Andrew teaches English and Helen runs a diabetic clinic.

Astra Edwards

  • Sarasota, Florida

Astra is working with YWAM using her administrative gifts in Sarasota, Florida.

Steve and Anna Griffiths, with Joshua & Aimee

  • Brazil

Steve and Anna are serving with OMF in Brazil.

Peter and Libby Halestrap, Finn, Gabe & Flo

  • Kijabe, Kenya
Pete and Libby serve in Kijabe Mission Hospital, Kenya and are also Unit leaders for AIM.

Rachael Holyome

  • Uganda

Rachael works in young people’s and young adult’s discipleship training with Word of Life Uganda and Living Word Uganda. 

Chris and Alison Hawksbee

  • Paraguay

Working in Paraguay with CMS, with the indigenous people of the Chaco in rural development.

Andrew and Maria Leake

  • Argentina

Based in Salta, Northern Argentina with CMS.

Mike and Helen Morrissey, with Lydia, Elijah & Tabitha

  • Senegal

Working with an NGO and supporting the development of local languages and translation of the Bible in Senegal.

David and Heather Sharland

  • Uganda

Working with the Church Mission Society in North West Uganda. David in agriculture, Helen in health care.

Roger and Jos Sharland, with Becca

  • Kenya

Roger and Jos lead the work of Rural Extension with Africa’s Poor in Kenya.

Beth Soper

  • Johannesburg

Beth is serving in youth and children’s ministry at Hope Church, Auckland Park, Johannesburg with Crosslinks.

Have a look at our Mission Notice Board in the church centre for more information. We have link people at church to help us keep in touch with each of our Mission Partners. If you would like to receive a regular prayer letter for a particular Mission Partner speak to their link person at church.