Serving with OMF in Brazil since February 2017.


Steve and Anna moved from Singapore to Brazil to start a new work with OMF. They are working alongside Brazilian churches, Bible Colleges and Mission Agencies to mobilise Brazilian missionaries to reach East Asians for Jesus.They are the only OMF representatives in Brazil and are working to consolidate existing links that OMF has with evangelical Christians there as well as seeking to establish new ones. They have become members of the Brazilian mission SEPAL, been able to secure suitable accomodation in Sao Paolo and longer term visas. Brazil is South America’s biggest and most influential country, covering more than half of South America. The Holy Spirit has burned brightly in the Brazilian “cities of the dispossessed”. From just 2 million in 1960, there are now 40+ million evangelical Christians. Brazil is developing into a significant missionary sending nation although there is still much unrealized potential. Very few Brazilians end up in East Asia.

“The Axe and The Tree”

Steve’s book, published by Lion Hudson was released on 17th February 2017. It retells the story of the lives and deaths of a previous generation of cross-cultural workers in Zimbabwe.

Prayer points

  • Pray for Josh studying in Manchester and Aimée at St Andrew’s.
  • Pray for Steve’s Mother & Anna’s parents all living in the UK
  • Pray that Steve’s book would bring glory to God.
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