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The Peninsula Gospel Partnership Training Course is a two year, 30 week, Wednesday morning course teaching people to know and handle the Bible better.

* Includes course material and refreshments

The foundation year provides an introduction to the books of the Bible, along with ministry and teaching skills. Students will learn how to handle and teach different types of biblical literature as they study a Bible overview and Bible books in detail. The foundation year also looks at pastoral care, small group and other forms of ministry.

The second year is aimed at further developing students’ understanding of the Bible and their ability to teach it to others in a variety of settings. This is done by continuing to teach Bible books in detail with Bible tools. And new in the second year are lectures on doctrine, e.g. the doctrine of God, Church History, the Cross and the Holy Spirit. The lectures are taught by a number of different ministers from within Devon and Cornwall. Along with their expertise in teaching the Bible they are able to complement this with pastoral and other experience.

Who is the course for?

It is for any Christian who wants to get to know the Bible better, and how to handle it better to serve others in their local church and beyond. It might be particularly helpful for a church apprentice, small group leader, pastoral assistant, occasional preacher, church council member, or children’s or youth leader. Talking to your local pastor will best help you decide if it’s right for you.

How do I join the course?

You can use the sign-up link on this page to fill in an online application form. Email if you would like any further information. More details will be given closer to the start of term (20th September 2023).