Babies, toddlers, children and teenagers are not just the future – they are the present. And the good news of Jesus is for them right now.

Therefore we place a high premium on teaching all ages about Jesus from the Bible. We want them all to know and love him, to be disciples of him and so to spread the good news about him.

We think the best way to teach all ages about Jesus from the Bible is in age groups. We divide groups up, as schools do, to primary school aged kid’s church (0-11) and secondary education aged youth groups (11-18). Here you’ll find information for what happens in Youth groups. All groups are run by trained members of our congregation, and all have DBS clearance and training.

If you’re taking big exams, i.e. years 10-13, we think you’re old enough to be in a main church service hearing the sermon etc. But we do meet at 5 pm before the evening service for snacks, a short talk and discussion. Then there’s a chance to ask any question about anything.

If you’re younger than that, in years 7-9, we stay in the morning service for a bit, and then while the older folk are being taught from the sermon and songs, we move into smaller groups to do the same. We follow the same sermon series throughout the church, and so often tackle big issues at a young age, using a combination of our own material and from elsewhere. Do get in touch if you’d like a copy of what we do.

The last Sunday in every month is an all-age service, where everyone learns together. All secondary school aged children are very welcome to serve at our annual, excellent Holiday Club. Then in the summer we all head to a camp or two. Please do speak to Paul Sutton or Ruth Clarke about anything as we’d love to help you and your family grow in your knowledge and love of Jesus


On Sunday mornings, at the 10:30 service, we head upstairs to the Larkbeare Room to sit round tables and learn in small groups. It’s the same group every week, so that you can build friendships with others your age and pray and learn together.

Thursday nights, 7pm at the Church Centre during term time we have snacks, games, chat and hear a talk from the Bible. Then there’s a chance to ask any question about anything. We finish at 8.30pm sharp.



On Sundays at 5.00pm in the church centre.