The focus of what we do as a church family is on a Sunday. For the month of December we will only have one morning service at 10am along with the 6.30pm evening service.

We hear about Jesus in the Bible as it’s taught and read, we respond in prayer and song, and we encourage one another to follow him.

Our Services run for about an hour and a quarter and are informal in style, so please just come as you are. You won’t be asked to say or do anything you don’t believe, and you should feel free to join in with as much or as little as you feel comfortable. The singing is a mixture of traditional hymns on the organ and modern songs with a band. Every second Sunday in the evening and third Sunday in the morning we share the Lord’s Supper together. The fourth Sunday of each month is usually an all-age service where children and grown-ups stay together. We hope that as you join us you receive a warm welcome.

  • Everyone is welcome!
  • We meet at St Leonard's Church Topsham Road, Exeter EX2 4NG


89.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am  Men and Women-The Pattern, Genesis 1-26.30pm Communion, Revelation 4:1-11
159.45am Communion with children’s groups & 11.30am Communion Men and Women-The Problem, Genesis 36.30pm Revelation 5:1-14
229.45am All-Age & 11.30am Men and Women – It’s about the church Ephesians 56.30pm Revelation 6:1-11
29Harvest 9.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Singleness and Marriage – Its about the covenant, Hosea6.30pm Revelation 6:12-8
69.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Singleness and Marriage – It’s about holiness, 1 Corinthians 6, Hebrews 126.30pm Revelation 8:2-9:12
139.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Holiness – its about evangelism, Exodus 19:5,6 Leviticus 186.30pm Communion  Revelation 9:13-11:14
209.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am What to expect-Confusion in a rebellious world6.30pm Revelation 11:15-19
27 Clocks go back9.45am All-Age & 11.30am A Better Story – Gospel6.30pm  Finance
39.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Finance4.00pm Celebrate Together Service An especially inclusive service for those with learning disabilities, their families friends and support workers followed by tea.
6.30pm An introduction to Lamentations
109.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Remembrance Sunday6.30pm  Communion Lamentations 1
179.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Communion Luke 1:1-46.30pm Lamentations 2
249.45am with children’s groups & 11.30am Luke 1:5-256.30pm  Lamentations 3
110.00am with children’s groups Luke 1:26-386.30pm Lamentations 4
810.00am with children’s groups Luke 1:39-566.30pm Communion Lamentations 5
1510.00am with children’s groups Communion Luke 1:56-806.30pm  Carol Service Matthew 1:18-25
2210.00am with children’s groups Luke 2:1-206.30pm  Casual Carols

+ = Communion service