Evangelism that takes people to Jesus

by Paul Williams


About Intentional

If we’re honest none of us find evangelism easy. We’re told we should do it, we might know that we should be doing it, but the reality is often too scary.

Paul Williams is realistic about our fear and guilt, but with gentleness he shows us that the key to banishing our fear isn’t complex and clever answers, but rather to take our friends to the person of Jesus.

He gives practical examples of how we can naturally and thoughtfully share how Jesus answers, and is the answer to commonly asked questions. Paul also shares how this simple model has led to greater confidence and joy in his own evangelism. This can be our joy too!

Review by Michelle Zappa

Isn’t it wonderful to hear about evangelists telling people about Jesus, going out and leading hundreds to salvation. But for me and you living our day-to-day lives? Maybe evangelism should be left to the professionals. Perhaps it’s too awkward at work or the school gates to talk about Jesus. Perhaps you want to tell friends about Jesus but get tongue-tied and don’t know where to start. That’s where this book comes in. Super short (only 100 pages) and pocket-sized, Intentional is a practical guide to overcoming fear in evangelism. It gives tips on where to start and how best to answer some common questions you may be asked. This is a book for everyone who thinks they can’t help lead their friends, who will discover they absolutely can.