The Reluctant Evangelist

Moving From Can't and Don't to Can and Do

by Richard Coekin

Published by the Good Book Company


About The Reluctant Evangelist

Jonah is famous for being a reluctant evangelist. But God had other plans!

If we’re honest, we are also often very reluctant when it comes to telling others about Jesus. We can learn from God’s dealings with Jonah about how to be effective for the Lord, whom we love and want to serve. We can move from can’t and don’t to can and do.

Like Jonah we need learn to trust his awesome power (chapter 1), experience his sovereign grace (chapter 2), fear his coming judgment (chapter 3) and share his gut-wrenching compassion (chapter 4). All this is perfectly revealed in Jesus, the divine Evangelist, and as we look to him and as the Holy Spirit fills our hearts with his evangelistic compassion, our hearts will sing with the melodic line of Jonah, “Salvation belongs to the LORD” (2:11) and our lives will erupt with the missional endeavours that our cities so desperately need.

Review by Simon Austen

“The Reluctant Evangelist is a great encouragement as we seek to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus. Based on the book of Jonah, we see both the character of God and the evangelistic hesitancy of Jonah. As the chapters unfold we learn from Jonah how we can be more confident in God and his gospel and more faithful in sharing it with others. It is an easy, encouraging and challenging read – and as most of us are reluctant evangelists this book might prove to be a game-changer, renewing our confidence and clarifying our vision to make disciples of all nations.”